Come on guys, I’m ready to go!

With suitcases packed and ready to go, last night was our last Sunday dinner before my family start to head off to Greece for the big day.  The next time we’ll see each other will be on Mykonos where we’ll have a few days to relax, get some sun and  ‘prepare ourselves’ for Michael and Cath’s wedding on July 8.

There is aways banter and laughter during our Sunday dinners and last night was no exception. In fact, last night everyone seemed to be in a particularly chatty and happy mood – even Pedro had a lot more to say than usual. You could really feel the buzz in the room, with champagne and lots of food setting the scene for a great night.


Apart from the impending wedding, we had another great reason to celebrate – Manny’s marriage proposal to the beautiful Nicole. My nephew Manny is very important to me and my family and having him and Nicole join us for dinner to celebrate their recent engagement was very special. We all wish Manny and Nicole an amazing life together.

During dinner, I caught myself looking my family and thinking how proud I am and how blessed I feel to have all of them in my life. There was so much love and happiness in the room, which only reinforces why getting my family together for a meal once a week is so important, even if it does mean I spend most of my Sunday’s preparing.