The joy of food in Greece

Fresh food cooked simply is what Greek food is all about and recently I had the pleasure of eating some amazing meals whilst holidaying in Greece. The most memorable is my birthday lunch at ‘Spilia’ (Mykonos) – the most fantastic restaurant I’ve been to so far.

Plump mussels that smell of the sea, steamed with white wine and garlic, served with fantastic crusty bread. Sweet scallops in their shell with a delicate sauce. Amazing sea urchins plucked right out of the water in front of you, shucked and served immediately just with lemon and whole sea bass grilled over coal served with lemon and boiled greens (or horta) were particular favourites of mine. We washed all this down with a huge bottle of fantastic French wine, compliments of Theo (thanks son).

Oh yes, and then there was the octopus stifatho in Lefkada, which is braised octopus and whole baby onions cooked slowly in wine and herbs, until the octopus melts in your mouth and the onions become caramelised and sweet –  it’s a must-have dish when in Greece.

The sun and soil in Greece produces tomatoes that smell and taste like tomatoes should and summer fruit, like watermelon and cherries, that are unbelievably sweet and juicy. These are some of the things I will miss most when I leave Greece to return home to Melbourne.