Unexpected Party

The night before the wedding was a ‘thank you’ dinner organised by Cath and Michael to show their appreciation to family and friends for making the long journey to Naxos for their wedding. The dinner venue was a tavern right next to ‘Banana Beach Bar’, which was where the wedding reception would happen the next day… 


It was a perfect summer’s night. The sky was filled with a magnificent sunset, waves gently lapped the shore and cool music played in background – a spectacular setting for a fabulous night.

And a fabulous night it was! Rather than just a dinner, it turned out to be a full blown party and a memorable night.

Oh yes, and the food was great – especially the calamari. Here’s the recipe for FRIED CALAMARI that’s sure to please or click ‘continue reading’ below for more photos!

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M&C, Thanks for a great night!