Reliving a Special Day

We were all super excited about getting together for our family dinner last Sunday, not because of the food – but, because we would get to see the photos from Michael and Cath’s wedding back in July.

Finally, after what seemed forever, the photos arrived and we couldn’t wait to see them. So after finishing dinner (which included slow roasted lamb, eggplant parmigiana, salads and some vegies), we all found a comfortable spot to sit and relive the wedding.

The Couple


Looking at the photos brought back such amazing memories of two special people making a lifelong commitment in front of family and friends in the most beautiful setting you could imagine.

It was a very proud moment for my husband and I to witness our second-born son, Michael, being married to a beautiful lady who had long become part of our family.

Sometimes I find it hard to comprehend how my “little boys” have become grown men, in what seems to have been overnight and I have to pinch myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming.

To me, Michael is still that cheeky little toddler who used to keep me on my toes by getting into everything from climbing over the back fence and giving me the fright of my life, to getting himself lost in department stores. But, all was ALWAYS forgiven as soon as he gave me one of his huge hugs – that I still love and look forward to even now! IMG_7993Michael was aways a very adventurous boy, but also extremely sensitive, caring and loving. These are qualities that make him the wonderful person he is today and the amazing husband he has become to Cath.

Michael and Cath are so well matched and have similar traits, so I know the strength of their love, will get them through the happy and tough times that life is sure to dish out.

The Wedding

IMG_7992Their wedding on the Island of Naxos (Greece) was nothing short of spectacular. The photos are beautiful, but they’re nothing compared to actually being there. The weather, the water, the view, the beach and of course the people who travelled from near and far, made it so unforgettable. Cath worked so hard to have everything “perfect”, on the day and … it sure was!

The Family
Two families joined together
My family

With two boys married and settled, I have my baby boy’s wedding to look forward to (hopefully) sometime in the future. In the meantime, I will enjoy watching my family grow and hope we are blessed with more grandchildren just like little Pedro.

My grandson being held by cousin Anna