Our first Sunday dinner for 2017

With the craziness of Christmas and New Year done and dusted, life is quickly returning back to normal with our first Sunday dinner for 2017. It was the perfect day to have our first family dinner for the year on our balcony – our favourite place to eat – and it was great to have my family back together sharing a meal and catching up on where they had been and what they had done over the past few weeks.

So, what did I cook?

When I was thinking about what I might cook, dessert was an easy decision. It had to be my banana and chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, because it’s one of Cath’s (my soon-to-be daughter–in-law) favourites and, as she and my son Michael had been away overseas, I thought it would a nice way to welcome them home.


Needless to say, there was very little cake left over. For the main meal, I made a number of dishes including a slow-cooked beef dish with creamy potato mash which was an absolute hit. Now I am looking forward to planning next Sunday’s dinner because my family get so excited when I cook a favourite dish and their reaction gives me so much pleasure and confidence to try out new recipes.

You can find both these and other recipes on the Menu bar on my Blog to try out.