Spanakopita with a twist

Greek ‘pita’ (or ‘pie’) is a popular savoury dish made with filo (phyllo) pastry, feta cheese and eggs (as the base ingredients) and baked until golden and crispy. It makes a healthy addition to any lunch box, a delicious anytime snack or served as finger food with drinks when family or friends gather.

Although Spanakopita (or spinach pie) would have to be the most well known, there are a number of variations including ‘prassopita‘ (or leek pie) and ‘tiropita‘ (or cheese pie), that are just as delicious. In rural Greece, wild greens, silverbeet and sorrel are often used instead of spinach as they are abundantly available and add great flavour.

Whilst the ingredients used to make pita are usually the same all over Greece, the way pita is made and presented varies across regions. In some regions, the filling is layered in filo pastry in a large pan from which individual servings are cut, or folded into individual triangular servings or, as I was taught by my mother who is from northern Greece, rolled into a spiral shape in a large pan and baked until golden and crispy.

This spiral pita isn’t difficult to make and has a “wow” factor that always impresses guests when served in the pan straight out of the oven – the way it looks and smells is amazing. I’m often asked how I make this spiral ‘pita’ and if I could teach others – perhaps a video or live online demo could be on the cards if there is enough interest…?