A Cake for Lydia

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A few weeks ago my nephew announced he was throwing a party for his lady who was returning to Melbourne from overseas. It also happened to be her birthday, so I offered to make the birthday cake even though I was a little nervous since my last one didn’t turn out as well and I had hoped.

Of course, it had to be a chocolate cake, but it also had to be gluten free. So, I decided to make a two layered flourless chocolate cake (which has almond meal instead of flour) with a rich creamy ganache in the middle and on top.

Unlike the last birthday cake I made which took hours, this one was relatively quick and easy. Basically, I just make two cakes that I stacked together using delicious creamy chocolate ganache. img_0110.jpgNow, when it comes to decorating cakes I’m not great, so I decided to keep it simple and decorate with a beautiful rose from my garden which, by the way, is looking absolutely gorgeous at the moment (even if I do say so myself).

My garden in full bloom

Not only did the cake look pretty, it tasted great too – well that’s what people told me and hopefully they weren’t just being polite. In fact, my son Michael who told me that the last birthday cake I made “wasn’t my best work”, said this one was delicious.

From Lydia’s reaction, I think she was super happy with her birthday cake too and my nephew was very grateful that I had made it for her – so overall, I was really pleased with how it had turned out. Oh and the party was great fun too, so look out for some photos I’ll be posting shortly.

If you’re interested in baking this cake here’s how – LAYERED FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE

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