Who says poaching eggs is difficult?


Most people go out to a café to have poached eggs for Sunday breakfast because they think it’s the hardest thing to cook but, actually, it’s not as long as you know one very important secret – the eggs MUST be very fresh and preferably organic or free range.

You can tell if your eggs are fresh enough for poaching by breaking the eggs into a bowl and checking to see if the egg yolk looks perky and theIMG_3237 white closest to the yolk looks thick and remains with the yolk.

If you look closely at this photo, you can see that there are two distinct the egg whites and the yolk looks plump, which means the eggs are fresh. If the eggs you have don’t look like this when you break them into a bowl, then poaching is unlikely to work, so you may want to make scrambled eggs instead.

As for bacon, it’s not a food I eat every day, but a couple of rashes of good quality bacon

fullsizeoutput_106(like Peter Bouchier’s) for Sunday breakfast is fine, especially if it is grilled or baked instead of fried.  Add a side of sautéd baby spinach or mushrooms and you have a nourishing guilt-free meal!

If you’re ready for perfect poached eggs for breakfast, here’s how – poached eggs and crispy bacon