Luscious Gooey Chocolate Minicakes

Are you are a lover of chocolate desserts? If you are, then I guarantee you will love these luscious gooey centred chocolate minicakes because they are quick to make and so delicious to eat. The only catch is that they must be eaten straight out of the oven.

They are great for a dinner party because you can prepare them a few hours ahead and keep them the fridge until you need to cook them or, you could sneak out to the kitchen to put them together 20 minutes before you need them.IMG_4335I must admit haven’t made these luscious little babies for quite a while, but I did eat one at a wonderful restaurant called Morgan in San Sebastian (Spain) not that long ago (there we are in front of Morgan’s in that photo) and it was soooo delicious. In fact, all the food we ate at Morgan’s was amazing and the service was exceptional, so if you’re ever visiting San Sebastian (which is a beautiful city), make sure you go to Morgans – but it’s busy so book ahead.

There’s something surprising about pressing a spoon into the centre of these little cakes and watching the warm chocolate oozing out like molten lava. It’s one dessert that even I can’t share, so definitely a ‘sometimes food’ for me!