Brussel Sprouts – a new favourite

Brussel sprouts have become a new favourite for my family which is great, because it’s one of those vegetables that have many health benefits (like cabbage), but are hated by most people – including me.

That is until recently, when I saw them at my green grocer. They looked so fresh and were a vibrant shade of green that I couldn’t resist. So I bought some and headed home to prepare them for our weekly family Sunday dinner.

Growing up, I used to dread coming home for dinner and finding out that we were having cabbage, or worse still, brussel sprouts. Mum would usually boil them to death (like most people did back then) and serve them with oil and lemon juice. The smell alone was enough to put me off, so needless so say, brussel sprouts is one vegetable that I rarely cooked for my own family – until now that is.

All the way home from the Green Grocer that day, I thought about how I could cook the sprouts to make them taste great. I didn’t really know what I would do with them, but what I did know was that I wasn’t going to boil them.

When I arrived home I did a quick Google search for recipes for some inspiration. I was surprised to find quite a few different recipes for brussel sprouts. In the end I decided to use a selection of ingredients that I loved from different recipes and came up with my own that I cooked that night. Much to my relief, my Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Sage turned out to be a hit.