What makes a Greek Salad great?

You haven’t had a great Greek salad until you’ve eaten a Greek salad in Greece. And you haven’t had an amazing Greek salad until you eaten one made from tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers grown in the garden of a house in a village in Greece.


Once you eaten a tomato in Greece (or Italy for that matter) you will never again be satisfied with the ones we get in Australia. They have the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, and they smell and taste so much better than any tomatoes you have eaten back home.

The best way to serve amazing fresh tomatoes like these is to keep it simple such as … a Greek salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil, or as a starter sprinkled with fresh aromatic basil, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and served with fresh mozzarella and fresh crusty bread.

Compliments of Thia Toula in Hora, Greece
Compliments of Pasqualina in Sambiase, Italy

Although, it may not taste as good as the tomatoes in the salad that Thia Toula made for our lunch in Greece, or the dish that Pasqualina prepared in Italy – Greek Salad is a dish worth making as part of a family dinner, especially in summer when you can get ripe seasonal tomatoes. You might just have to pay a little more to get really good ones.

Greek Salad is a dish that is rarely missing from our Sunday family dinner table, so here’s my recipe to try – My Greek Salad