Mussels – a sustainable food that boosts the immune system

Not only are mussels delicious, they are inexpensive and sustainable and, most importantly, they are very good for you. The vitamins and minerals contained in mussels help to boost your immune system, your brain function and overall wellbeing.

Farming methods for mussels have very little impact on surrounding ecosystems – which is great news for our environment. To farm, immature mussels are suspended on long ropes attached to buoys in clean bays and left to feed and grow. As filter feeders, healthy mussel populations are indicative of clean water supplies.

By including mussels in your diet, you’ll boost your intake of essential minerals and vitamins, including selenium and vitamins B-12 and C, as well as Omega 3 (‘good oils’) – which is great news for your body.

Selenium is an anti-oxidant compound that fights free radicals in the blood stream and helps to maintain a healthy immune function. Vitamin B-12 aids in mood regulation and helps your body utilise iron. The vitamin C in mussels helps strengthen a range of tissues and maintains healthy teeth. Like any food, mussels should be consumed in moderation as they do contain sodium.

There are many ways to cook mussels but STEAMED MUSSELS WITH WHITE WINE & GARLIC is my family’s preference. This dish makes a regular appearance on our Sunday family dinner table and I hope it makes an appearance on yours too!