Special Dinner for Two

Hello again,

Recently I shared a post with you about a wonderful dinner I had with my son Anthony. It was one of those special moments that I got to spend one-on-one time with one of my boys.

“Gee, it must be great now that your 3 boys have all grown up and are independent. I can’t wait until mine get to that stage …”

You see all my boys have grown up now and are living their own lives. Two are married, one has a beautiful baby boy and, even though my youngest, Anthony, still lives at home (well, part of the time anyway), he spends most of his time with his special lady.

Many people say to me, “Gee, it must be great now that your boys have all grown up and are independent. I can’t wait until mine get to that stage so that I can get me life back.”

I must admit I used think that way too, especially during the really hard years when I’d spend most of the night waiting up for them to come home from a night out. But then they grew up (so damn quickly!) and started moving out and I realised, yet again, the grass isn’t always greener… So these days, I cherish every moment I get to spend time with my sons and I especially cherish our Sunday family dinners.

Anthony and I had a such lovely time eating this delicious food and enjoying each other’s company, that I wanted to share the recipe for the dishes we ate in case you wanted to cook a dinner for someone special in your life.

The hero of this dish is definitely the lamb and, although you can get lamb throughout the year, Spring is when lamb is at its best. It’s more tender, succulent and, I believe, has a milder sweeter flavour than other times of the year. Rubbing the outside of the lamb with finely chopped fresh herbs and lemon rind, really brings out the beautiful flavour of the meat.img_5500.jpgThe other elements of the dish (below) are sensational and the perfect partners to the roasted rack of lamb, making it hard to resist.

You’ll find links to each of the elements below in the order you should prepare them.

Fresh Greek Salad,  Crisp Asparagus grilled to perfection and topped with walnuts and feta and Roast Potatoes –  super crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

This is one meal that I urge you to cook for someone special, especially if they are a lover of lamb, because the rack would have to be the best part of the lamb and the easiest to cook.